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National Arts & Humanities Month 2018!

NAHM is coordinated by the Americans for the Arts as an annual month of celebration and advocacy for artistic culture in schools and communities nationwide. Since this aligns with our goals at the Snohomish County Arts Commission, we are excited to encourage residents in the Puget Sound area to become involved too.

Your questions answered:

What is the Purpose: We want to celebrate! In our community, arts fuel the creative economy and create the Snohomish County, North Seattle uniqueness that draws like-minded people to our area and keeps those of us who are already here from straying.

Who can Participate: This celebration is for everyone. We hope to improve awareness in Snohomish County about opportunities available to both the general public and artists seeking outlets for their work. Let’s advocate together for art as a fundamental part of the culture here. NAHM is a perfect way to reignite enthusiasm throughout the county, but we need your help!

When is NAHM: National Arts & Humanities Month happens every October.

How can I participate:

  1. Talk about it! When you talk with your peers about NAHM and Snohomish County arts, our impact is exponential.

  2. Attend an event! Our website and Facebook have many opportunities in Snohomish County to become involved in the arts. Whether that means attending a workshop or live performance, viewing a gallery or buying art from local artists, every bit of support helps gain traction.

  3. Share how you participate! If you do partake in activities in support of NAHM, share your experience with us! On Facebook, use the hashtag #SnocoArtMonth18 to show your involvement. On Instagram, upload pictures matching the daily theme for every day in October, showing Americans for the Arts you are in support of their cause (you could even be featured as a re-post when you use their hashtag #showyourart2018 and tag @Americans4Arts).

The arts allow us to explore ideas, express emotions, and better appreciate cultures from around the world. National Arts and Humanities Month is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the positive impact that the arts bring to our schools and communities.
— Robert L. Lynch, President/CEO of Americans for the Arts
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