Sarah Arney

Sarah Arney works by day as a journalist, writing stories and taking pictures of life in north Snohomish County. She advocates for art in Arlington as president of Arlington Arts Council and enjoys photographing the light and colors and textures and patterns of the natural world around her.

Michael Kundu

Michael Kundu, a mixed media, literary, and visual/film making artist, produces fine art imagery and documentary photo/video-journalism projects on a casual/freelance basis. An internationally-published writer, and co-producer of three award-winning documentaries featured on KING, KIRO, and KOMO television, Michael specializes primarily in wildlife and adventure subject matter.



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Christine Awad-Schmalz

Christine Awad Schmalz received her formal art education from the prestigious New York School of Visual Arts. Her career encompasses women and children clothing design, prop creation and illustration work for the PBS television series”Barney and Friends” and copyright illustration for the University Of Washington in Seattle. Her paintings have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in New York City Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle Center in Seattle, and MoNa Museum in LaConnor, WA.


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Colin Cole

Colin has been an actor since early childhood, performing on stage and in competitive dramatic events through high school. In addition to featuring in independent films and working as an extra on Hollywood productions, Colin has performed at the Jet City Improv theater. He has also worked as an assistant editor and an associate producer at a local production company creating reality and documentary programming for national television networks.


Rebecca Chawgo





Keith Gehrig, MFA

Keith has 25+ years of legacy in theater in Snohomish County, having worked for Edmonds Driftwood Players, Village Theatre and Red Curtain as actor, director, playwright, designer, administrator, mentor and teacher. He has served on non-profit boards since 1984 and received his Master of Fine Arts degree in June 2017 from Seattle University.





Terri Shinn

Terri Shinn resides in Snohomish, Washington. A mixed media and fiber artist, her work has been featured in numerous books, regional, national, and international shows, and has been included in private and public collections. In 2005, she was named the “Snohomish County Artist of the Year.





Claire Cundiff

Claire heralds from a long line of artists but seems to be the first in her family to use slate or quartz to create her work.  Now utilizing translucent or opaque slate skin, floated pigments, pastels and salvaged metal, she first began developing this art form by combining slate tiles with pastels and encaustic medium.  Her latest series, Standing Stone, is an exploration of organic abstract form and glorious translucent slate. www.ClaireCundiff.com

Michael Eggers

Michael Eggers is a visual artist who has exhibited his creations in the fields of photography, abstract painting and sculpture. His artwork has been presented in several local cities such as Edmonds, Shoreline, Everett, Kenmore, Burien, Auburn, Mountlake Terrace, Tacoma, Issaquah, Monroe, and Everett.


Jacquelyn Howell


 Jacquelyn Howell is passionate about the literary and performing arts. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies, with a minor in Music, from the University of Washington. She works as a freelance copywriter and lives in Mountlake Terrace with her family.

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